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Writing a Paper: Concept Mapping

How to write a research paper

Concept Map or Mind Map?

Concept mapping and mind mapping are graphic organizers, strategies for visualizing knowledge or graphically representing ideas. The terms may seem to be interchangeable, but here are some typical differences in the way they are used:

  • A mind map is a creative way to represent an idea or task, while a concept map is a formal attempt to organize or represent knowledge.
  • Mind maps focus on a central idea; concept maps connect multiple ideas.
  • Mind maps are colorful, use wavy lines, and often include pictures. Concept maps are made with geometric shapes and straight lines.
  • A mind map builds outward from the center, while concept map expands downward from the top.

Concept Mapping Video

Watch this video as a student develops a concept map for her topic and develops a research topic or thesis statement.

Using Concept Maps for Thesis Statements

Concept maps are one tool that can be used to create a thesis statement for your research paper. Check out one of the following links to see how concept maps help develop your research topic.

Thesis Statements & Concept Maps

Concept Maps

Mind Map Exercise