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Fax a Document - The Pas

There is a copier in the Oscar Lathlin Research Library that can be used by staff, students, and library patrons for faxing a document.

1)      Place originals on glass or in document feeder.

2)      Press the FAX button on the control panel.

3)      Press INPUT on the touch panel to type in a fax number, press OK.
         •   Dial 9 before entering the fax number.

4)      If scanning a unique paper size, set on page 2 of the OPTION menu (towards the top right of the touch screen).

5)      If scanning a two-sided document, choose ADVANCED (found at the bottom of the touch screen), then press the 2-Sided Scanning button, select direction (Book or Tablet), and press OK. Return to ADDRESS tab.

6)      Press the SEND (or START) button to begin fax.
         •  If scanning on the glass flatbed, continue to place pages and choose SCAN. When done, press JOB FINISH on touch panel.

7)      Press FUNCTION CLEAR twice to clear your information.

Fax a Document – Thompson

Faxing can be requested and completed by the library circulation staff.

We encourage scanning and emailing documents over faxing whenever possible.