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Printed books in the UCN Libraries have call numbers beginning with HF.

Books in related subject areas:

Here are some subject areas with their call numbers that are closely related to business:

HA     Business statistics

HB     Economic Theory

HC     Economic History

HD    Production -agricultural & industrial

HE    Transportation & communication

HF    Public Finance

► Keep in mind that many of our books are e-books—you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a further breakdown of the HF call numbers: 

H 54                   General directories

HF294-343        Boards of trade

HF 1001-1010   International marketing

HF 1101-1186   Commercial education

HF1379-4050      International trade 

HF5035-5068      U.S. business directories

HF5071-5330      Foreign business directories

HF5381-5389      Career development

HF5410-5417      Marketing

HF5419-5430      Wholesale/retail trade

HF5546-5549      Office management

HF5601-5688      Accounting

HF5691-5716     Business mathematics

HF5717-5734      Business communication

HF5801-6182      Advertising

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