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Printed economics books in the UCN Libraries have call numbers beginning with HB & HC.

Books in related subject areas:
Here are some subject areas with their call numbers that are closely related to economics:

HA     Statistics

► Keep in mind that many of the books are e-books—you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a further breakdown of the HB & HC call numbers: 

HB 1 Economic theory. Demography
HB 71 Economics as a science. 
HB 75 History of economics, economic theory
HB 131 Methodology
HB 135 Mathematical economics, econometrics, input-output
analysis, game theory
HB 201 Value. Utility
HB 221 Price
HB 238 Competition. Production. Wealth
HB 501 Capital. Capitalism
HB 522 Income. Factor shares
HB 535 Interest
HB 601 Profit
HB 615 Entrepreneurship. Risk and uncertainty.
HB 801 Consumption. Demand
HB 846 Welfare theory
HB 848 Demography. Population. Vital events
HB 3711Business cycles. Economic fluctuations

HC 10 Economic history and conditions
HC 79 Special topics Including air pollution, automation,
consumer demand, famines, flow of funds, etc.
HC 92 Economic geography of the oceans 

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