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Printed chemistry books in the University College of the North Libraries have call numbers beginning with QD. Biochemistry books can be found within this area in the range QD415 - QD436, and also in the range QP501 - QP801.

► Keep in mind that many of the books in the University College of the North collection are online only—you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a further breakdown of the QD call numbers: 

          QD1 - QD65 — General 
          QD71 - QD142 — Analytical chemistry
          QD146 - QD197 — Inorganic chemistry 
          QD241 - QD441 — Organic chemistry 
          QD415 - QD436 — Biochemistry (also QP501 - QP801)
          QD450 - QD801 — Physical and theoretical chemistry 
          QD625 - QD655 — Radiation chemistry
          QD701 - QD731 — Photochemistry
          QD901 - QD999 — Crystallography

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