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Mathematics: Math Associations


Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
This is comprised of several member universities in western Canada and the University of Washington. It promotes mathematical research, education, training of teachers, and partnerships and collaborations, with a focus on the Pacific rim.

The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
This institute, located at the University of Toronto, has as its mission "to enhance mathematical activity in Canada by bringing together mathematicians from Canada and abroad, and by promoting contact and collaboration between professional mathematicians and the increasing number of users of mathematics." 

Clay Mathematics Institute 
This is a private foundation, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which promotes mathematical education and research, and the dissemination of mathematical knowledge. It awards the annual Clay Research Award for breakthroughs in mathematical research. 

Math Associations

Canadian Mathematical Society 

Manitoba Association of Math Teachers

Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society
Provides support for mathematics teaching at all levels in Saskatchewan.

International Mathematical Union 
This organization promotes international cooperation in mathematics. It awards the prestigious Fields Medal and three other prizes every four years. 

Statistical Society of Canada
The main Canadian professional society for statisticians.

American Statistical Association 
The main American professional society for statisticians.

American Mathematical Society 
The main American professional society for mathematicians.

Mathematical Association of America 
Focuses on undergraduate-level mathematics.

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