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Printed philosophy books in the UCN Libraries have call numbers beginning with B.

Don't forget - we have many e-books and you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a breakdown of the B, BC, BD, BJ call numbers:

B69-99   General Works

B108-708   Ancient Philosophy

B720-765   Medieval Philosophy

B770-785   Renaissance Philosophy

B790-5739   Modern Philosophy

BC11-39 History

BC 60-99 General Works

BC121-199   Logic

BD10-28   Introductions to Philosophy

BD95-131   Metaphysics

BD143   Methodology

BD300-450   Ontology

BD411-417   Finite & Infinite

BD419-428   The Soul, Spirit, Immortality

BD430-435   Life

BD493-701   Cosmology

BD530-595   Teleology

BD620-655   Space, Time, Matter

BJ71-1185   History of Ethics

BJ1188-1295   Religious Ethics

BJ1518-1697   Individual Ethics

BJ1725   Professional Ethics

BJ1801-1295   Social Usages, Etiquette

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