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Printed Canadian history books in the UCN Libraries have call numbers beginning with F1000.

Books in related subject areas:
Here are some subject areas with their call numbers that are closely related to Canadian history:

F1-F975         United States history
DA1-DA99     Great Britain history
DB1-DJ500   Western European 
E                      First Nations

► Keep in mind that many of the books are e-books—you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of Canadian history:

FC300   Discovery & Exploration

FC400    British Colonial period

FC500 Canada, the nation

FC557   World War I

FC577   Great Depression

FC582   World War II

Provincial History:

FC2001-2020 Atlantic Provinces.
FC2021-2050 Maritime Provinces.
FC2151-2200 Newfoundland.
FC2301-2350 Nova Scotia.
FC2451-2500 New Brunswick.
FC2601-2650 Prince Edward Island.
FC2751-2770 St. Lawrence River.
FC2771-2780 Ottawa River and Valley.
FC2781-2800 National Capital Region.
FC2901-2950 Quebec.
FC3051-3100 Ontario.
FC3201-3230 Canadian Northwest.
FC3231-3250 Prairie Provinces.
FC3351-3400 Manitoba.
FC3501-3550 Saskatchewan.
FC3651-3700 Alberta.
FC3801-3850 British Columbia.
FC3951-3970 Canadian North.
FC4001-4050 Yukon.
FC4151-4200 Northwest Territories.
FC4301-4350 Nunavut.

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