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Databases: Universal Class

Universal Class

Universal Class is an online learning platform that allows you to take courses at your own pace while you interact with a live instructor via email.  Take a look at the quick video tutorial and our FAQs to get started.

What is Universal Class?

Getting Started with Universal Class

Universal Class FAQs

1.       What is it?  On-line courses for staff, students and faculty to take. Free to UCN staff and students, Community users pay $50 per year.

2.       What kind of courses are available? Basic math, essay writing, algebra, accounting, geometry, grammar, etc.

3.       How many classes may I take at one time? Up to five classes at a time.

4.       How long do I have to finish a class? You have six months to finish a class.

5.       Can I take more than six months to finish a class? Yes,  re-enroll and pick up where you left off. 

6.       If a patron completes a class prior to the six months, can they enroll in another class? Yes – but the total can only be five classes at one time. 

7.       Will these courses transfer as 'college credit'?  No. Sorry, courses on UniversalClass™ will not transfer as college credit.

8.       Will these courses give me a certification or a license?  No. Sorry, our courses are for your educational enrichment and professional development. They will not give you a certification or a license.

9.       Will I get a certificate at course completion? 
Yes, if you successfully completed a course you will be issued a Certificate of Course Completion documenting your progress and final grade. You'll have access to an online version of the certificate, as well as an option to have a hard copy shipped (additional shipping/handling charges apply). 

10.   What are CEUs? 
CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. A CEU is not the same as 'college credit'. CEUs are the industry measurement of non-credit education. One (1) CEU equals 10 contact hours.

11.   Is there an instructor available to answer questions? 
Yes. Our courses are both self-paced and instructor-led. An instructor is available to answer questions as well as monitor and assess your performance in the course. 

12.   How many hours will it take to complete a course? 
All courses vary in scope, length, and work required. Most courses can be completed in 10 to 20 hours, and with a little diligence, most can be completed within 30 days. These courses are usually documented with 1.0 CEU (10 contact hours) upon successful completion.

13.   How long do I have to complete a course?  You have 6 months to complete any course on our service. After 6 months, you may easily renew you’re your course online for continued and uninterrupted access to your course. 

14.   What happens if I need more time to complete a course? 
If you need more than the 6 months you've been granted to complete a course, you may renew your subscription for another 6 months and continue the course from where you left off.

15.   Do I need to buy any textbooks?  Most courses on UniversalClass™ are thoroughly written enough so you will not need to buy any required textbooks--although we will recommend additional reading materials to purchase. 

16.   Do you have a Demo Class I can try? 
Of course. Please visit our UniversalClass™ Demonstration Course for a tutorial on how the online courses are setup.

17.   What are the technical requirements? Universal Class works with most recent versions of major web browsers, including: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

18.   What does it mean by "instructor-led"? 
The phrase "instructor-led" means that a real, living person (and not a computer), is putting up all classroom content. 

19.   When does a class start and end? 
You can enroll anytime--day or night.

20.   I just enrolled in a class, now what do I do?  You can access all the courses you are taking at UniversalClass™ under "My Classes". Click on the My Classes tab located at the top-right navigational bar anywhere on our service, and simply login with your Member ID and Password. Once you are in the "My Classes" area, you can enter the virtual classroom by clicking on the course title which will bring you to the Class Start Page.

21.   Can I email the instructor my questions? 
Yes, you can contact the course instructor at anytime by logging into the Virtual Classroom and using "Class Email" (under the "Communications" tab). 

22.   How do I submit assignments? 
The assignments forms provided in the classroom will provide three different ways to submit an assignment: 1.) Type in provided text box. 2.) Copy/paste 3.) Upload your assignment file. 

23.   Do I get a 'grade' for the course? 
Yes. All coursework, exams, assignments, attendance, and class participation is recorded and assessed by your instructor. Based on the grading guidelines your instructor uses, all of your coursework grades and final assessment are displayed in the "Report Card" area.

24.   When do test score data become available? 
The instructor of the course you're taking will determine when test score data is made available. Essay questions are the exception, as these questions cannot be automatically graded, instructors must grade these individually. This will take more time, and a student cannot receive a grade for these automatically.   

25.   Can I earn certificates? 
Yes. UniversalClass offers many different certificates documenting your academic efforts that your class instructor can issue (i.e. Certificate of Academic Excellence, Certificate of Attendance, Certificate of Merit). The certificates that you have been awarded will be listed when My Awards is clicked.

26.   How do I stop receiving the emails when I leave a class? 
To discontinue receiving classroom information, highlight "no" to disable email notification listed in Email Alerts! on your classroom navigational bar.

27.   When will my course completion certificate be available? 
Your online certificate which documents the course you have taken is available immediately at course completion. You can download, view, print, and share your online certificate once purchased. Your certificate and course completion information will be saved for up to 5 years from the date of course completion.

28.   How long are student records maintained?  Your course completions are available under the 'my transcripts' area as well as available under the 'my awards' area. We maintain student training records for up to 5 years from the date of completion. These records are readily available to review, print, or share with others at course conclusion. 

29.   What does 'self-paced' mean? 
'Self-paced' means you go at your own pace. When you take a self-paced, online course then you complete the lessons, assignments, exams, and other class activities when you have time and on your own time.