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Scanning Options

There are three different types of scanners that are available for use in the library:

 Recommended uses for each scanner:

     Copier: single or multiple page documents (Thompson and The Pas campus)

    Computer Scanner: photos, film positives/negatives, short high-quality documents (The Pas campus only)

    Book Scanner: books (The Pas campus only)

               Instructions on using each scanner can be found below.

Thompson - Using the Copier for Scanning

** Simply hit the Copy or Send button once desired job is placed face down in the scanner bed, aligned within the margins manufactured on the unit itself. The Canon will provide double-sided printing, letter and document size. This unit prints black & white only.

 ** If pressing Send, this will bring up a list of library staff email addresses. Patrons may scan and send their print job to us, so that we may print directly from our library email service.

     Additionally, we may print from USB via our workstation PCs.

The Pas - Using the Copier for Scanning




The Pas - Using the Computer Scanner

You will need to log into the computer the scanner is attached to (located next to the OPAC computer in the library). To use the scanner, there are four buttons on the top of the scanner:

The Pas - Using the Book Scanner

To scan a book using the Book2Net Kiosk scanner:

  1)      Turn the scanner on (button on back left side).

  2)      Insert a USB memory stick into one of the two USB slots found on the right of the touch screen.

  3)      Lift the protective clear cover and position the book in the centre of the book cradle.
            •  In order to support the spine of the book correctly, adjust the centre supports by turning the grey knobs at the front of the
               book cradle left or right.

  4)      To scan/capture an image, please press one of the green bars on the book cradle or the foot pedal (sitting on the cabinet
            to the right of the machine).
            •  After the first page is scanned, a Copyright Regulations warning will appear on screen. To continue scanning,
               you must agree to the copyright regulations relating to the use of Digital Scanners, stating that you are legally
               responsible for any copies made.

  5)      On each upcoming scan, the previous one will be saved automatically.

  6)      If your scan is not correct in the preview of the image, press the UNDO button on the touch screen.
            This will only undo that one scan.

  7)      In order to end the session and save the last scan, press the FINALIZE button on the touch screen.

  8)      Ensure to turn off the book scanner and remove your USB when finished.

Copyright Information


Before using any of the scanning options in the UCN libraries, please click on the link above and review the information about the Copyright Act to ensure copyright permissions will not be infringed upon.


Works protected by copyright may be copied on the library photocopier only if authorized by

(a) the Copyright Act for the purpose of fair dealing or under specific exceptions set out in that Act;
(b) the copyright owner, or
(c) a licence agreement between this institution and a collective society or a tariff, if any.
The Copyright Act provides for civil and criminal remedies for infringement of copyright.

Contact a UCN Library

Oscar Lathlin Research Library (The Pas)

Call: 204-627-8561

Fax: 204-623-4597




Wellington & Madeleine Spence Memorial Library (Thompson)

Call: 204-677-6408

Fax: 204-677-6416




UCN / Norway House Public Library

Call: 204-359-6296

Fax: 204-359-6262




UCN / Chemawawin Public Library at Easterville

Call: 204-329-2420



UCN / Pukatawagan PublicLibrary

Call: 204-553-2163