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Faculty Guide - Films on Demand: Creating an Account

Faculty Guide to Films on Demand

Creating an Account

  • Make sure you access Films on Demand through our Databases A-Z list

    • Not doing this will result in you not being able to access Films on Demand

  • If you are off-campus you will need to enter your UCN Credentials

  • Once in Films on Demand:

    1. Click on Your Profile in the top right hand corner of the screen

    2. Click on "New user? Sign up"

    3. Enter your information

      • INSTRUCTORS: Make sure to select "Teacher" in the drop down menu underneath the Full Name Box - This will give you access to more features

    4. Select the Subjects that you are interested in and the bottom 2 boxes to have Films of Demand send you new content and monthly newsletters 

    5. Select Create Account

Student Resources

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