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Citation Management Software: MS Word

Creating a Citation

1. Click on the ‘References’ tab

2.  Select the format style your instructor prefers from the ‘Style’ dropdown menu.  APA, MLA and Chicago are the most common styles used at UCN.

3.  A new reference can be created two different entry points, Insert Citation or Manage Sources. Please note that when creating a reference, to double-check your spelling. The software will not correct spelling errors.

4.  On the Citations & Bibliography menu, click on ‘Insert Citation’

5.  Select ‘Add New Source’

6.  Source: Select the source type you are using from the drop down menu. Your choices range from Book, Book Section, Journal Article, Web Site, Electronic Source (electronic database), Art, Interview, etc.

7.  Author: Click on the Edit button next to the Author field. Type in the author’s name, last name first.  Press Add. When you are finished adding all your authors, press OK.

If your book is edited, click in the box besides  ‘Show All Bibliography Fields.’ Scroll down to the Editor field, press Edit and add the editors.

8. Title: In APA, the first word in the title and following a colon is capitalized. When typing in the title of a book or journal article, be sure to type in the entire title. Some titles are very long, but for the reference to be correct, you need to type in the entire title and use no abbreviations.

9. Each source type has a different list of required items for the reference. Click on ‘Show All Bibliography Fields’ to see all the possible fields. When entering a journal reference, you will need to select this in order to type in issue number and volume number. Also, red stars are placed besides each field that is required for a minimal reference.

10.  Press OK when you have entered in all the citation information.

Using Word 2016 to Create Citations

Creating a Bibliography

Inserting your Bibliography

1.  Place your cursor where you wish to insert your bibliography

2.  Click on Bibliography on the Citations & Bibliography menu

3.  Click on Insert Bibliography