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Citation Management Software: Using Zotero

Creating Citations

  1. When you are on a page you want the citation information saved, click on the Zotero icon on the toolbar.
  2. The icon will change slightly depending if it is a book, article, web page or group.
  3. A window will appear showing you the saved information.
  4. In Zotero, complete citation information will be shown in the right pane.
  5. Double check that all the information you need has been captured.

Manually Entering Citations

  1. To add a citation manually, simply click on the PLUS button and select the type of citation you would like to add.
  2. A blank template will be added and you can fill the fields with citation information.
  3. Items can be added using the ISBN, DOI or PMID number. 

Creating a Bibliography

Adding Items Using ISBN or DOI Numbers

  1. Click on the pencil with plus sign.
  2. Enter the number.
  3. Your item information will be retrieved.

Creating Bibliographies in Zotero

  1. Select your items in the middle pane by pressing Ctrl-click
  2. Each selected item will be highlighted
  3. Press the right mouse key
  4. Select ‘Create Bibliography from Items.’ The output mode window will open.
  5. Select your Citation Style
  6. Output Mode can be in citations or a bibliography
  7. Select your output method:
  8. Save as RTF: Use with a word processor without a Zotero plugin.
  9. Save as HTML: save if you wish to paste bibliography into a web page
  10. Copy to Clipboard: Copy and paste bibliography
  11. --Print: print bibliography

Using MS Word Add-on

  1. In MS Word, use the Zotero addon to create a bibliography of items cited. Click on Zotero on the Word menu bar.
  2. Click on ‘Insert Bibliography’
  3. Bibliography will be inserted at cursor
  4. Note: only items that have been cited will be in the bibliography when using the Word plugin