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Where can I get my I.D. Card?

The Pas Campus

Oscar Lathlin Research Library

Thompson Campus

Enrolment Services

Norway House campus

UCN / Norway House Public Library

Chemawawin (Easterville) campus

UCN / Chemawawin Public Library


UCN / Pukatawagan Public Library


I.D. Cards - Campus Use

A new UCN ID card is issued every academic year for all staff, students, and public library patrons at no cost. The ID Card replacement fee is $32.50

The UCN ID Card is also your Library card. It is needed to check out materials or book one of the Library study rooms. Your card is necessary for placing holds on materials and requesting inter-library loans.

Materials cannot be checked out until patrons have a library card. If patrons forget their library card, they must show some other form of picture ID to check-out materials.

UCN patrons are responsible for any material & equipment checked out, including all fines and fees that incur.

Where else is your I.D. card required...


If you have a sponsor that pays for meals or you are on a meal plan.

Financial Aid

In order to receive any award, bursary, or sponsor cheque.


To use any housing services (i.e. laundry, recreational space, after-hours access to housing).


At any time when you are on UCN premises, security can request that you identify yourself by requesting you show a current UCN ID card.


Some businesses and banks will provide a discount for their goods or services.

Student Identification

In order to prove that you are a UCN student you need to have a current UCN ID card especially during exams.


To take advantage of any sponsor, award, bursary or student discount.

Access to UCN’s computer network

To Claim ID and set up your UCN credentials using UCN's computers.

Student Resources

UCN Claim I D and Password Reset
FABS Online Writing Support
UCNLearn - access your online classes
Learners' Assistance Centre